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Run by Tagore Memorial Education Association.


To educate the students to explore their potentials, do the best that they are capable of doing and become effective, humane, global teachers and useful citizens of the country.



Transforming the hidden potentials of the students into realities.
To enable the students to develop a holistic personality with productive thinking.
To enable the students to fulfill themselves with growth, happiness and satisfaction.


To encourage creativity, independent thinking and lifelong learning.
To nurture and foster work, enthusiasm and exhibit diligence and sincerity.
To provide education that is cognizant with changing demands of our Association.
To develop sincerity, responsibility and work culture.
To provide the finest infrastructure, resources and services to enhance growth and development of every student.


To enable the students to be role models and empower them with pedagogical principles for implementing them in schools.
To produce sincere and dedicated teachers to teach at . secondary and higher secondary level.
To develop cognitive skills among student teachers.
To prepare professionals with distinction through academic training and guidance.
Develop skills of guidance and counseling amoung student teachers.
Enable student teachers to foster creative thinking among pupils.
Prepare student teachers to face the challenges of globalization.
Enable student teachers to utilize community resources for the cause of education.
Develop communication skills necessary for teaching profession.
To develop ethical values among student teachers.
To produce teachers equipped with ICT and other skills for efficient teaching as well as learning.
To prepare the students for implement their innovative techniques and ideas with proper training at secondary and higher secondary.
To motivate the students for solving their problems related to education with the help of research process.
To realize their full roles and responsibilities as a teacher inside as well as outside the class room.
To transfer the students into good citizens with citizenship qualities like patriotism and tolerance.
To build leadership qualities and organizing skills of future teachers by making them along with extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. 2018-19